Swydo changelog
Swydo changelog

Update to Facebook Ads metrics and attribution window filters





Facebook has implemented changes to the Marketing API to be compatible with the Apple App Tracking Transparency framework. To be in sync with those Facebook API changes we have updated our Facebook data connection.

What are the consequences?

We have migrated some metrics that are not compatible with these new API updates or that are not available anymore. As much as possible we have replaced these metrics with alternatives.

Furthermore did we remove the attribution windows 28-day click, 28-day view en 7-day view filter options, as these were deprecated already by Facebook, so we removed them as a selectable option.

Do I need to do anything?

All you widgets and KPIs should still work and be populated with data. You could check the widgets that had the 28-day click, 28-day view en 7-day view attribution window filter for a new filter option.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out through the in-app chat.