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Speed up your GA4 reporting with our new default widgets




While the clock is ticking for Google Universal Analytics, we continue optimizing our Google Analytics 4 integration to help you communicate results smartly.

Check out the new set of default widgets we released this week:


analytics.pngNew users by day

analytics.pngReturning Users by day

analytics.pngConv. By Day

analytics.pngAverage Engagement time By Day

analytics.pngUser Retention

analytics.pngUser Stickiness

analytics.pngMonth Performance


analytics.pngEcommerce Purchases and total purchasers by day

analytics.pngPurchaser Conversion Rate by Day

analytics.pngItem Purchase Quantity by day


analytics.pngCrash-free users rate by week


☀️ Would you like some help setting up your GA4 report? Please send your questions to support@swydo.com or click the chat button at the bottom right of your screen to talk to one of our Customer Service specialists.

Happy Reporting!