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Swydo news

New & improved chart visualisations





Now available for all customers: 2 new ways to visualize your data & an update to how our existing charts are visualized in reports!

A huge thank you to all of the Beta Program companies for providing us some great feedback to help us improve the chart visualizations during the beta period!


Heatmaps allow you to easily visualize the most popular (hot) and unpopular (cold) values in a data set. heatmap.png


A treemap is perfect for visualizing how segments in your data compare to each other. treemap.png

Chart updates

We have created the new visualizations from scratch with new technology, meaning we could resolve any issues that weren’t solvable before, while making the charts flexible in such a way that we can start building new features for them in the near future.

The following visualizations have been updated:

  • Bar chart

  • Column chart

  • Line chart

  • Area chart

  • Spline chart

  • Spline Area chart

Height update

The most important difference is that the new charts are slightly taller than before. This was a very difficult decision since the height affects existing reports, but after careful consideration and feedback from our testers, we’ve found that the benefits outweigh the downsides. In the old visualizations, things such as the chart legend would take up a lot of the space from the visualized data, causing this data to be less readable. With the slightly larger height, the readability improves significantly, especially for more complex data.

Because of the height update, widgets might shift slightly in your reports. Please make sure to check your PDFs before they are sent out this month to ensure the layout is still how you want it to be!

As always, let us know if you have any feedback on the new charts or the updated visualizations! All feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us further improve Swydo.