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New Facebook update




We are happy to share that we have new metrics available for your Facebook reports. Check out what's new:

Facebook: 28-day click attribution is back 🙌

Facebook deprecated this metric a while ago, but after much criticism, it was reintegrated, and so did we. You can find it under Filter in the Campaign Insights widget.


Why are advertisers so happy?

By using the 28-day attribution window, you can observe the actions taken by a user within 28 days before conversion. It is a very useful metric to understand the customer journey and the steps to achieve conversion.

Page Rating

Do you want to show how a Facebook page is rated on your reports? You can now use the Page Rating metric, which is determined by various factors, including user reviews and recommendations about your business page.

This metric can be used with the Custom Page Insights Widget.

👉 Keep in mind that only Pages that have enabled Recommendations are eligible to display a rating, and a Page may not have a rating if it hasn't received enough Recommendations.


We have also added a few new metrics to help you track and report the conversations on your Facebook page. These are Total Conversations, Marked as Spam Rate, Conversations Marked Spam, Blocked Rate, and Total Blocked Conversations.

Where to find these metrics? Go to Custom Page Insights Widget and find them under Messages:

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 10.21.25.png

Got questions? Contact us at support@swydo.com or hit the chat button.

Happy Reporting!