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KPIs got a makeover




We have redesigned the look & feel of the KPIs to help you to communicate insights more clearer, focusing on the elements that matter the most: your numbers, your targets, and your growth over time.  

Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 12.02.15.png

What's new?

The new design includes:

  • Bigger numbers.

  • 2 new icons to indicate if you are on target or not: a green check mark or a red minus sign.

  • A percentage indicator next to the KPI, either green or red, which shows you how you compare against the previous period.

Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 12.00.45.png

With this new design, we aim to help you communicate your results in a smarter and simpler way.

Got feedback? We'd love to hear it. Please share your comments or questions with us at support@swydo.com .

Happy Reporting!