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Google Analytics 4 updates




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New GA4 metrics added

We just added a new set of item-scoped and ads metrics to our Google Analytics 4 integration. Check out here the complete list:

✅ Item-scoped metrics:

Ads Clicks, Ads Cost, Ads Cost Per Click, Ads Cost Per Conversion, Ad Impressions, and Return on Ad Spend.

✅ Ads metrics:

Items Added To Cart, Items Checked Out, Items Clicked In List, Items Clicked In Promotion, Items Viewed, Items Viewed In List, and Items Viewed In Promotion.

GA4 compatibility changes

Our GA4 integration has been updated with the latest compatibility changes announced by Google (*Read more here).

🛎 Please review your GA4 reports, and if you see any incompatibility errors, make sure you adjust the metrics and dimensions in your widgets with the ones available.

Got questions? Hit the chat button or email us at support@swydo.com. We'll be happy to help you!

Your Swydo Team.