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Custom Metrics, now in beta!





Today, we're happy to announce that we released our newest beta feature: Custom metrics!

What is a custom metric?

A custom metric allows you to calculate your own metrics. You can, for example, combine multiple metrics to create a single value, or adjust a metric's value.


What can I do with it?

You can use the feature to create your own metrics to use in reporting for your clients! Here are some examples of how you can use custom metrics:

  • Add your fee to a client's Google Ad spend so they can see the entire cost instantly
  • Combine different types of click metrics to create a single metric that shows only relevant clicks to your client
  • Create your own return on ad spend metric which takes into account extra revenue per conversion that’s not available in the integration’s data.

When can I use it?

Right now! Check out the help center for instructions to get started. Do keep in mind that this new feature is only available for our boutique, loft and enterprise plans.

Feel free to reach out through in-app chat or with an email to support@swydo.com if you have any questions!