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Our team has been working hard to prepare for the last releases of 2022 before heading toward the Holiday Season. We have launched a new design for the date range picker, added new metrics to Facebook, Callrail, and Google Analytics 4, and released a few improvements to the Semrush integration.

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Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 14.51.38.png New Date Range Picker

We have redesigned the Date Range Picker to ensure it is always visible so you can access it and modify it easier. You can find it now in the top bar's right corner. The new design includes a new icon, a side settings panel, an updated customization flow, and permanent visibility on the reporting page.

Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 10.01.59.png

semrush logo.jpeg Semrush improvements

Domain analyses made easier

We have optimized the Semrush integration to make creating project/domain analysis reports easier. Instead of having the hassle of adding filters each time you want to specify data for a project, you can now use a separate data source for each domain. This way, by default, all your data will be linked to it when creating your report, saving you time.

New competitor's PPC Metrics

How much are your competitors spending and driving from PPC? We have added two new metrics to help you evaluate your competitor's paid strategy and find answers to these questions: AdWords Traffic and AdWords Cost. Add them to your Semrush report now and start benchmarking your PPC efforts.

Facebook_logo_(square).png Facebook Updates

Video Total Play Time

We added a new metric for Videos: Video Total Play Time, which tells you how much time viewers have spent watching your content.

Uncategorized Category

We also added the Uncategorized category to show data of people who opted out when filtering a KPI by publisher or placement.

FB Ads results metric deprecated

We deprecated the Results metric of Facebook Ads due to changes in how FB measures them. Of course, you can still track the results of your FB ads campaigns, but to do this, you need to select the targeted metric associated with the campaign objective. For example, if you set your campaign objective to "conversions," you need to choose the type of conversions results you want to see, such as "leads" or "purchases."

Be aware that as of this week, you can't add the results metric to any widgets anymore. If it's already used on a report, make sure you replace it manually or remove it.

callrail.jpeg Callrail:

We have made a minor update to the Callrail integration to help you track back your leads' timeline faster. As of now, you can find a new Timeline-URL field with a link to the lead's timeline.

Google Analytics logo.png Google Analytics 4

The Google Organic Search field has been updated with four new metrics:

  • Organic Google Search clicks
  • Organic Google Search impressions
  • Organic Google Search click-through rate
  • Organic Google Search average position.

Got questions or need any help? Remember to contact us at support@swydo.com.

🎄 Happy Reporting!