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Swydo news

Google Search Console update




Our Google Search Console integration has been updated with new default widgets, allowing you to create a complete report in seconds.

Start sharing results on KPIs such as Impressions, CTR, and Avg Position, as well as metrics such as Clicks by Country/Territory, Clicks by Device, and Sitemap Performance.

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 10.20.43.png

Ready to try it? Go to your Google Search Console report, and add the widget of your preference:

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 17.02.00.png

Got questions? Contact us at support@swydo.com or hit the chat button and talk directly to one of our specialists.

Happy Reporting

πŸ›Ž New: Beta signup available in Settings




Do you want to become a beta user and be the first to test our work-in-progress features? You can now activate this option in your Settings and receive new beta features as they're released automatically. πŸ™Œ

How? Go to Settings/Team/Beta Features and set yourself ready to receive the next beta release automatically:

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 13.10.04.png

βœ… If multiple beta tests are running, you can cherry-pick which ones you want to enable, gaining greater control over your preferences.

βœ… You can also disable any beta features and share feedback on why you didn't like them, which will bring valuable insights to our team.

⏳ We don't have any beta features running right now, but one is coming very soon. Curious? Make sure you enable this option:

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 13.34.18.png

Got questions? Contact us at support@swydo.com or hit the chat button and talk directly to one of our specialists.

Happy Reporting!

Customize your Monitoring default date range




We have added the option to customize the default date range of the monitoring feature, which is standardly set to 30 days.

Do you usually monitor a different timeframe? Now you can set your default date range by going to settings/data/monitoring date range and adjusting it how you want. Simple!

Got questions? Contact us at support@swydo.com or hit the chat button to talk to one of our specialists.

Happy Reporting!

New Facebook update




We are happy to share that we have new metrics available for your Facebook reports. Check out what's new:

Facebook: 28-day click attribution is back πŸ™Œ

Facebook deprecated this metric a while ago, but after much criticism, it was reintegrated, and so did we. You can find it under Filter in the Campaign Insights widget.


Why are advertisers so happy?

By using the 28-day attribution window, you can observe the actions taken by a user within 28 days before conversion. It is a very useful metric to understand the customer journey and the steps to achieve conversion.

Page Rating

Do you want to show how a Facebook page is rated on your reports? You can now use the Page Rating metric, which is determined by various factors, including user reviews and recommendations about your business page.

This metric can be used with the Custom Page Insights Widget.

πŸ‘‰ Keep in mind that only Pages that have enabled Recommendations are eligible to display a rating, and a Page may not have a rating if it hasn't received enough Recommendations.


We have also added a few new metrics to help you track and report the conversations on your Facebook page. These are Total Conversations, Marked as Spam Rate, Conversations Marked Spam, Blocked Rate, and Total Blocked Conversations.

Where to find these metrics? Go to Custom Page Insights Widget and find them under Messages:

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 10.21.25.png

Got questions? Contact us at support@swydo.com or hit the chat button.

Happy Reporting!

Speed up your GA4 reporting with our new default widgets




While the clock is ticking for Google Universal Analytics, we continue optimizing our Google Analytics 4 integration to help you communicate results smartly.

Check out the new set of default widgets we released this week:


analytics.pngNew users by day

analytics.pngReturning Users by day

analytics.pngConv. By Day

analytics.pngAverage Engagement time By Day

analytics.pngUser Retention

analytics.pngUser Stickiness

analytics.pngMonth Performance


analytics.pngEcommerce Purchases and total purchasers by day

analytics.pngPurchaser Conversion Rate by Day

analytics.pngItem Purchase Quantity by day


analytics.pngCrash-free users rate by week


β˜€οΈ Would you like some help setting up your GA4 report? Please send your questions to support@swydo.com or click the chat button at the bottom right of your screen to talk to one of our Customer Service specialists.

Happy Reporting!

Youtube Analytics Update




Curious about how viewers found your Youtube videos? With the newly added dimension "Traffic Source Type" you can now easily track and report it.

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 13.29.39.png

New default widgets added

We have also added a set of new default widgets to help you enrich your Youtube reporting:

Here is what's new:

βœ… Playlist Performance

βœ… Video Performance

βœ… Audience Watch Ratio By Elapsed Video Time Ratio

βœ… Subscribers Gained and Subscribers Lost by Day

βœ… Average View Duration by Country/Territory

βœ… KPIs: Subscribers Gained, Likes, Comments, and Share.

We hope you enjoy these new widgets.

⭐️ Happy Reporting!

Check out what's new in Swydo




Time flies when you are busy, and January was not an exception for our team, who kicked off 2023 with many new updates. Curious what are the latest releases? Keep reading!

semrush logo.jpeg New Semrush SEO template

We have added a new template to help you build a complete SEO Semrush report in a matter of clicks. Connect your Semrush data, go to templates, select our new SEO Semrush template, and get ready to analyze and communicate relevant insights such as Authority Score, Referring Domains, Backlinks, Domain Organic Performance, Top Organic Keywords, Position Tracking, Competitor Performance, and Site Audit metrics.


analytics.png Google Search Ads dimensions added to GA4

Our GA4 integration is updated with a set of Google Search Ads 360 dimensions, including Session SA360 Ad Group Name, Session SA360 Campaign Name, Session SA360 Creative Format, Session SA360 Engine Account ID, Session SA360 Engine Account Name, Session SA360 Engine Account Type, Session SA360 Keyword, Session SA360 Medium, Session SA360 Medium, Session SA360 Query, Session SA360 Source, Session Campaign ID, and Session Campaign Name.

Google Business Profile.svg Google Business Profile update

We have made significant changes to the Google Business Profile Integration in response to their latest updates, including new metrics, name changes, and removals. Here is what’s new:

  • New Metrics added: Total Interactions, Booking, Food Orders, Messages, Map Views (Desktop), Map Views (Mobile), Map Views (Total), Search Views (Desktop), Search Views (Mobile) . Search Views (Total), and Search Terms.

  • Renamed: Action Website to Website Clicks, Actions Phone to Call Clicks, and Actions Driving Directions to Business Direction Requests

  • Removed: Queries Direct, Queries Indirect, Photos Views Merchant, Photos Views Customers, Photos Count Merchant, Photos Count Customers, Local Post Views Search, and Local Post Actions Call to Action.

Google Ads Logo.png Google Ads update

Our GA integration has been updated to its latest version, which brings a set of new metrics, including Campaign Primary Status, Campaign Primary Status Reason, Publisher Purchased Clicks, Publisher Organic Clicks, Publisher Unknown Clicks, and No. of clicks for Sitelinks in the landing page view report. Unfortunately, Google has removed Gmail ads support, and so did we, but you can use Discovery Campaigns instead.

S only 1024x1024.png UX updates

Redesigned User Overview

Our user profile page has been updated with a new design to give it a fresher look and make it easier to navigate and invite team members. Check yours out now if you haven’t done it yet.

Changes to the top menu

You can now find the sections User Profile, Help & Support, and Latest changes at the bottom of the sidebar instead of in the top menu. This change allows us to provide you with a cleaner screen and an improved navigation experience.

πŸ‘‰ Do you have feedback or questions? Hit the chat button or send us an email to support@swydo.com.

Happy Reporting!

Check out the latest releases of the year!




Our team has been working hard to prepare for the last releases of 2022 before heading toward the Holiday Season. We have launched a new design for the date range picker, added new metrics to Facebook, Callrail, and Google Analytics 4, and released a few improvements to the Semrush integration.

πŸŽ… Keep reading to find out more.

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 14.51.38.png New Date Range Picker

We have redesigned the Date Range Picker to ensure it is always visible so you can access it and modify it easier. You can find it now in the top bar's right corner. The new design includes a new icon, a side settings panel, an updated customization flow, and permanent visibility on the reporting page.

Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 10.01.59.png

semrush logo.jpeg Semrush improvements

Domain analyses made easier

We have optimized the Semrush integration to make creating project/domain analysis reports easier. Instead of having the hassle of adding filters each time you want to specify data for a project, you can now use a separate data source for each domain. This way, by default, all your data will be linked to it when creating your report, saving you time.

New competitor's PPC Metrics

How much are your competitors spending and driving from PPC? We have added two new metrics to help you evaluate your competitor's paid strategy and find answers to these questions: AdWords Traffic and AdWords Cost. Add them to your Semrush report now and start benchmarking your PPC efforts.

Facebook_logo_(square).png Facebook Updates

Video Total Play Time

We added a new metric for Videos: Video Total Play Time, which tells you how much time viewers have spent watching your content.

Uncategorized Category

We also added the Uncategorized category to show data of people who opted out when filtering a KPI by publisher or placement.

FB Ads results metric deprecated

We deprecated the Results metric of Facebook Ads due to changes in how FB measures them. Of course, you can still track the results of your FB ads campaigns, but to do this, you need to select the targeted metric associated with the campaign objective. For example, if you set your campaign objective to "conversions," you need to choose the type of conversions results you want to see, such as "leads" or "purchases."

Be aware that as of this week, you can't add the results metric to any widgets anymore. If it's already used on a report, make sure you replace it manually or remove it.

callrail.jpeg Callrail:

We have made a minor update to the Callrail integration to help you track back your leads' timeline faster. As of now, you can find a new Timeline-URL field with a link to the lead's timeline.

Google Analytics logo.png Google Analytics 4

The Google Organic Search field has been updated with four new metrics:

  • Organic Google Search clicks
  • Organic Google Search impressions
  • Organic Google Search click-through rate
  • Organic Google Search average position.

Got questions or need any help? Remember to contact us at support@swydo.com.

πŸŽ„ Happy Reporting!

Monitoring your clients just got easier!




We are thrilled to announce that we just launched a new Monitoring section and an improved Client overview feature to help you keep track of your clients KPIs and team performance.

These two features are a step further in our plan to enhance our monitoring tools, which we will continue to develop in the coming year.

Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 15.24.52.png

Zoom in on your clients and team KPIs

With the new monitoring tool you can:

βœ… Organize all your client's information in one view

βœ… Search by projects

βœ… Filter by Client or Manager

βœ… Filter by KPI state

βœ… Compare different time ranges

βœ… Create new projects and assign them to clients

Keep an eye on your clients overview

We have also improved the Clients section to provide you with a cleaner and better-organized overview. There you can find a complete list of your clients names and logos and filter them out by manager, KPI state, or starred Client.

πŸ‘‰ Check out this article and learn how to create a Monitoring Dashboard.

We hope you enjoy these new features.

Happy Reporting!

Say hi to Klaviyo!




πŸš€ We are very excited to announce that we have added Klaviyo to our portfolio of integrations.

Klaviyo is one of the fastest-growing marketing automation platforms and a must-have for Email and SMS marketing.

As of this week, you can connect your Klaviyo data with Swydo and start reporting your automated Email and SMS campaign performance over time, as well as tracking the most relevant conversion metrics from your eCommerce websites.

We have also made available a new report template and a set of default widgets ready to be used πŸ™Œ.

Start reporting your Klaviyo's campaigns with Swydo:

βœ… Filter by Email or SMS

βœ… Report at Campaign or Time Level

βœ… Monitor and analyze email and SMS performance with metrics such as Recipients, Open Rate, Click Rate, and Unsubscribe Rate, among others.

βœ… Keep track of the Conversions from e-commerce websites with metrics such as Fulfilled Order Rate, Placed Order Rate, Avg. Fulfilled Order Value and Avg. Placed Order Value, among others.

βœ… Tackle deliverability issues with metrics such as Failed to Deliver SMS, SMS Failed Delivery Rate, and Successful Deliveries.

βœ… Keep track of your target audience behavior over time with metrics such as Bounced Email, Clicked Email, Dropped Email, Marked Email as Spam, Opened Email, Received Email, and Unsubscribed.

πŸ‘‰ Check out this article for the complete list of metrics.

Happy Reporting!